Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Week (Updated Thursday AM-11/30)

We have a huge week going on here at the Passion House.
Tomlin Podcast
Podcast #3 w/ Chris Tomlin is up and running as the Passion 07 Podcast continues to connect the world on the journey to Atlanta. Click here to subscribe via iTunes, or listen to the episode online by clicking here.

Registraion Update
At midnight EST December 1 (Friday) the price for Passion 07 jumps thirty bucks. We will see a ton of activity as Friday nears, but as of this post we are only 76% full... so there is plenty of room for you and your crew.

The Passion 07 Live Link is this Sunday, December 3 @ 10PM EST. Time is short and we need your help to spread the word. The Live Link will be a time of prayer/worship that will join us around the globe. All you need is an internet connection and a few of
your mates. Actually, all you need is you...but you and a few friends would make the prayer times better! The audio stream will be "Live," thus the "Live Link," and will last until 11PM EST. We'll be broadcasting from the Passion House, connecting people from Alpharetta to Australia. Look for the Live Link icon on the main page at 268Generation.com (different from Podcast icon) and click to make a test connection! We'll see you back at 10PM EST Sunday! To test your connection to the Live Link now click here.


  • Wow lots going on!!Lots of great stuff!I am going to go and listen to the 2nd Podcast with John Piper can't wait!!Oh and I can't wait for the next Podcast with Chris Tomlin!

    Looking forward to the Prayer and Worship time this Sunday night!I will be with you all!!God Bless

    By Blogger FanofGOD, at 11/27/2006 2:49 PM  

  • I just had a quick question.Will the 3rd podcast for this Wednesday be available on the 268 blog like the other two?That's the only way I can listen to them because I don't have an itunes account.Just wanted to know I am assuming it will be available on here but just wanted to ask.Thanks

    By Blogger FanofGOD, at 11/27/2006 3:07 PM  

  • How exciting about the "Live Link" to join together to pray/worship!!! Im there!

    Just to be sure...is it Sunday Dec 3rd or Monday Dec 4th????


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/27/2006 3:11 PM  

  • Thank you for giving a link to the 2nd Podcast, I don't have itunes either. I'm not so sure about the late worship (because of how late at night it will be) Sunday evening but it sounds great!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/27/2006 5:53 PM  

  • Ill be tuning in and hopefully getting a lot more people around the Clemson, SC area to listen to!!!

    Your Bro in Christ

    By Blogger jesusfreak, at 11/28/2006 6:46 PM  

  • Hey, I am listening to this Chris Tomlin Podcast. I must apologize to all those who have not heard it yet, you will not have any idea what I am talking about. I am just curious, what is the average height of the Sixsteps Fab Four? I saw Charlie Hall one time walking down the hall, he's pretty short too. In the spirit of fun of course. Good thing Crowder is in the mix, he adds a good two inches to the average.
    Now seriously, I enjoy the podcast, look forward to Atlanta, and God loves short people. Just think, they can fit in more places.

    By Blogger Kevin, at 11/29/2006 2:29 PM  

  • I just listened to the 3rd Passion passion podcast with Chris Tomlin!I really enjoyed this podcast!It's just amazing to hear what God has done through Passion and just to hear how he has taken Chris and used him like this!And the fact that God does have a special pupose for all of us.He has a plan. He wants to use all of us.And if we just respond to him and open our hearts and just say God do whatever you want with my life there will be much fruit!I am so blessed by what Passion is all about it's not about who is going to be speaking or what band is going to be there it's truly about coming and truly expecting to meet with God!I have never been to a Passion conference I am still not old enough only 14 haha but I am so wanting to be apart of this journey and I am always praying for it and all you guys involved and I just pray for all the students who come to it that they would meet with God and when they leave they leave with a fire a Passion a deeper passion for God and to make his name known to everyone they meet.I will be praying for Passion as it gets closer and closer to the gathering.And I am really excited about the (Live)Link I think that's going to be really awesome!
    And again I just want to say the Louie and Chris,Matt,Crowder Band all the songs and teachings you guys have brought have truly deepened my passion for God and I have learned so much from you all .And I just want to thank you all for your faithfulness to God!!You all have been a great example to me I can't wait to hear how Passion 07 goes!
    Let God ARISE
    Miranda from NH

    By Blogger FanofGOD, at 11/29/2006 7:06 PM  

  • I'm with Miranda! I am so excited about the live link! the 3rd podcast was great too. I am so thankful for Passion and everyone involved. You guys have really helped point me in God's direction and my passion for God's renown has been expanding ever since I have started getting involved with the whole Passion thing. It's GREAT how God has been using you all for HIS glory!

    By Anonymous Brittany, at 11/29/2006 9:10 PM  

  • Thanks for continueing to give us the link to listen. I loved this weeks. I feel sorry for those people who will have to get up in the middle of the night to listen to LiveLink.

    Praying for everyone who is coming to Passion 07!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/30/2006 6:10 PM  

  • Can I echo Miranda and Brittany? I give much thanks to the Lord for what He has taught me through all of you at Passion and Sixsteps. Bless you guys!

    And Kevin--you're right. I can testify to the fact that short people can fit in more places. :)

    And about God having a specific purpose for all of us, have y'all read Chris Tomlin's book, The Way I Was Made? If you haven't, order it now. :) Seriously. It's short and simple, but powerful. And it all winds back to God, which is the beautiful thing about it, the life-changing thing. Really, I should say it begins, continues and ends with God. Big enough plug? Are you pulling up a second window yet? :) Enjoy Chris' stories and be encouraged by them, but really meditate on the Scriptures he brings up. It changed my life. Which, praise the Lord, we know is HIS work.

    Thank you, Mr. Giglio, for this site (and everything), and thanks to all who post--I am always so encouraged by what what you share. Oh, and thanks for the podcasts--they are outstanding!

    Y'all have an amazing time in January. Prayin' for you.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/02/2006 2:45 PM  

  • Yes I have read The Way I Was Made!
    And I totally agree Kayleen that book has changed my life and has encouraged me and has really helped me in my walk with God. I have read that book 4 times it's so good! I am realy excited for the Live Link tonight!! God Bless


    By Blogger FanofGOD, at 12/03/2006 2:49 PM  

  • Kayleen,
    Yes, I have read "The way I was made." It WAS a great book!!!! =D

    By Anonymous Brittany, at 12/03/2006 7:06 PM  

  • The UAM MBSF from Monticello Arkansas

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/03/2006 10:07 PM  

  • I'm here from my dorm at Elon University in North Carolina, and am actually working on a paper for my religion class. Hopefully God can provide me with the inspiration through this live presentation to write in a way that not only fulfills the requirement but also glorifies His name.

    By Anonymous Jordan, at 12/03/2006 10:10 PM  

  • i just joined in on the live link..im on the east coast printing out a paper to read for english and listening to the broadcast...what a powerful moment we are all having as we come together to pray and give God all the glory!

    By Anonymous Lauren, at 12/03/2006 10:36 PM  

  • o yea i almost forgot..im from east carolina university in greenville, nc...our ccf group is headed to passion 07! :D

    By Anonymous Lauren, at 12/03/2006 10:38 PM  

  • amen. we are praying...

    We are so excited for Atlanta in January.

    Our group has ended up with a bunch of extra registrations. If your group would like to buy these and transfer them to your group please email me. (It IS at the price break amount)....


    By Blogger mstudentz, at 12/07/2006 12:38 PM  

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