Monday, June 26, 2006

The Wave Is Growing

Welcome to:

Nancy, a college leader from Lexington
Daniel from Brazil
Angela and Nicole from PBAU in West Palm (do you guys know each other?)
Rebecca from Mercer University
Richard a group leader from Pittsburg, KS
Ana a high school senior from Kennesaw, GA
and Sarah from Cape Town, South Africa.

All of their registrations came through in the last few hours, landing them a spot at Passion 07. We're excited you guys are headed our way and really amazed to see three continents represented in our inbox in the span of a few hours.

The wave is growing as more and more people stake their place in Atlanta. As of this post, 5021 people have registered from 39 states and six countries. It's exciting and humbling to see the buzz spreading from person to person, campus to campus, all around the globe. The next price increase is Friday, June 30. Check out the new Passion 07 website and register today!


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