Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Nelly Furtado/Anthony Mandler/UNIVERSALFrankie J/COLUMBIABusta Rhymes/AFTERMATHNeil Young/REPRISEDavid Crowder/EMI

Question: What do these folks have in common? All musicians. Right, but keep guessing. Crazy gifted artists. Yes, but what else?

Answer: They are all featured on MSN's Music Page as candidates for Artist of the Month. Nice going Crowder Band! Shining in the midst of culture with a message of hope and eternity.

So what do you need to do? Tell about 1000 people to go to the MSN Music Page and vote for DC*B right now. Crowder only has 71% of the vote today, so things are tight. But every vote counts.

Register your vote now.

And shine wherever you are.



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