Thursday, April 27, 2006

Everything Glorious Winners

Huge congrats to the winners of our little Everything Glorious CD contest that wrapped up on April 18.

The big winner was Sid B. of Marietta, GA, with a whopping 110 CDs purchased. Sid gets four tickets to Passion 07 and a room at the Omni Hotel for three nights! Right on.

Also from Atlanta, Kristin F. picks up second place with 75 CDs and gets four tickets to see DC*B when they are back in Atlanta this fall.

The botom line is everyone had fun and more people are getting to hear the music. Especially friends of Sid and Kristen!


  • wow, 110!! Congrats, Sid B! Go nutz at Passion07 =D

    By Blogger steph hsieh, at 4/27/2006 12:31 AM  

  • Sid B from Atlanta...

    Sid BREAM from Atlanta? :)

    Boy... talk about a reminder of what passion looks like... Braves 1991.

    By Blogger Rob Greene, at 4/27/2006 12:56 AM  

  • sid bream...yes! go braves! yup, i'll never forget that moment when he was truckin' around third and just barely beat the throw...good times...oh, and is crowder really coming back to atlanta? when? that would make me very happy!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/27/2006 12:59 AM  

  • dang. thats a lot of money

    passion '07. WOO!

    By Blogger Andrew Dale, at 4/27/2006 1:16 AM  

  • To continue the Sid Bream tangent ...

    He's originally from a teeny little town near here and spoke at our church a couple of years ago about that moment he was truckin' around third and just barely beat the throw. Cool thing is that he sees it as a launching pad into conversations about Christ with people who remember that moment.

    Kind of reminds you about someone's talk about Passion, Purpose and Designer Jeans, eh?

    By Blogger Tammie, at 4/27/2006 11:46 AM  

  • Tammie...
    VERY cool about Sid... and yes, most definitely!

    By Blogger Rob Greene, at 4/27/2006 12:09 PM  

  • Congrat's Sid and Kristen!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/27/2006 5:44 PM  

  • Congratulations! Let's spread the music!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/27/2006 5:46 PM  

  • wow...way to go guys!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/27/2006 6:11 PM  

  • Hey I will buy 111 cd's right now for the same prize. ryan@cornerstonecf.org

    Seriously. Please? haha.

    By Blogger Ryan Guard, at 4/28/2006 3:03 AM  

  • Hi! doeas anyone know what the music mix was that they played before the sessions at passion and Thirsty??? my husband is about to go crazy to try and figure it out...he knows there is some Coldplay and Death Cab for Cutie...anyone know where i can find the playlist??? help!!!!

    By Blogger annmarielev79, at 4/28/2006 12:32 PM  

  • Louie,
    Im a student at Taylor University. Late Wednesday night, we lost four students and one faculty member. If the Passion house and the universities could please keep us in prayer in the midst of this tragedy, we would appreciate it.

    God Bless,

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/28/2006 2:34 PM  

  • Louie--

    Don't know if you read comments or not, but I was reading a magazine and came across a recommendation for this software:


    It's free and you can download it and explore at least the solar system and there are lots of add-ons and things. It made me think of you.

    Have a great day...can't wait to see you at Passion 07!!!


    By Blogger Lauren, at 4/28/2006 3:45 PM  

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