Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Calling All Wristbands

Amazingly, this wristband has survived since Passion06!
If my math is right, that's 107 days onboard this collegiate arm...and still in such good condition.

Sure, many questions arise:
Does this student ever venture outdoors?
Toss and turn in the night?
Get itchy?
Participate in recreational activities?

Is there special care for bands that last this long?
Does the band have a name?
Are clothing options assembled accordingly?
Do people still ask?
What's the strangest comment received?
Is there a psychological attachment?
How many more intact wristbands are out there?

Obviously, we are all carrying far more than vinyl 107 days after Passion06, but if you're still sporting yours let us know.
Post a Blog below or send a pic to info@268generation.com.

How many are out there? 10, 20, 100?


  • Mine lasted exactly one month until it started harboring water between the layers. It is now tacked to the bulletin board in my room.

    By Anonymous Laura, at 4/19/2006 6:10 PM  

  • I wasn't at Passion 06 because i'm not old enough yet. But I've been to other events were we had to wear wristbands and I was still wearning mine a couple months later. I wonder, if you could make a wristband last a whole year while still wearing it. That would be cool.

    Great picture Louie, is it yours?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/19/2006 6:15 PM  

  • mine lasted about a month before it started ripping. it was a safety issue at work as it kept getting caught. on the bulletin board now.

    out of my group of 25 that went, I believe only one of us still has it on...

    By Blogger helen, at 4/19/2006 6:21 PM  

  • i cut mine off to put in it a scrapbook with my pictures...but i definitely still have it!! can't wait to get a new one at passion07!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/19/2006 6:32 PM  

  • After Passion'05 my wrist band made it until summer, however, this year I cut mine off so it wouldn't get messed up, and it's sitting in plain sight in my room where it is safe from being torn. I have a friend who still has her's on and it's still in really good shape!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/19/2006 6:39 PM  

  • I had mine until about last week, when my boss made me take it off. Trying to referee intramural basketball with that thing on, wasn't my boss' idea of professional. But I was one of the first 500 signed up for P07!

    By Blogger tarheel, at 4/19/2006 7:33 PM  

  • we need pics of any that are still on somebody's arm!!

    By Blogger 268gen, at 4/19/2006 7:56 PM  

  • mine didn't last this long. it lasted about 1 1/2 months before it came off for the third time and i decided that tape wouldn't work again. so, it is now taped to the spine of my Bible. it's still a great reminder everytime i pick up my Bible. i've been using my nametag/schedule as a keychain for my dorm keys...i know, that's kinda dorky, o well!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/19/2006 8:10 PM  

  • Sorry, Louie,

    I'm not allowed to operate with a wristband on. You know, the sterile scrub and stuff... it just gets in the way. But, I sewed it to the inside lid of my loupes-box. It fits nicely there, just a little passion, right there with a purpose and designer *scrubs* LOL! I'll post a picture on my blog in the next few days...


    By Blogger Silke, at 4/19/2006 8:14 PM  

  • Okay, I finally figured out how to do this :) Here's the picture!


    By Blogger Silke, at 4/19/2006 9:16 PM  

  • jerry kerr still has his. and his nametag.

    i'm sure i can get a pic if you want. i mean, it is jerry kerr.

    By Blogger katy, at 4/19/2006 9:27 PM  

  • for both last year and this year my wristbands lasted until about two months after passion, and then fell apart.

    it starts amazing conversation.
    "what's that on your arm?"

    God is very good...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/19/2006 9:52 PM  

  • Heck yes! I still have mine in tact but I haven't been wearing it because I want to preserve it. It sits on my nightstand and whenever I see it, it just gets me more excited about Passion 07! My siblings think I'm obsessed, but it's a good thing to be excited about.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/19/2006 10:18 PM  

  • i've got mine on. now true its ductaped on... but you can still tell it says passion!

    it came off. but i wanna keep it on until Passion '07. i wanna have it when i get my new one.

    thats my goal. and i hope i make it.

    By Blogger Andrew Dale, at 4/19/2006 10:48 PM  

  • click here for Chris Tomlin Ringtones

    By Anonymous i am waiting for my prince, at 4/19/2006 10:57 PM  

  • Louie,
    uh is that your hand and arm?????
    it looks kind young??? no offence.

    love ya and ya should rent a new realse called.. Be Still And Know That I Am God. at any movie place, it is on Contemplitve prayer so good it has Beth Moore, Max Lucado, Dallis Willard. Am so glad it is in the worlds hands ya know???

    His voice is calling out!!!

    By Blogger eliz, at 4/19/2006 11:01 PM  

  • Louie, met you at the doves....i think you were right about those purple wristbands, since that is the lovely one i see featured (mine just so happens to be purple too):D! I will definently send you guys a pic of mine, on my arm as soon as i can get one on my computer

    planning on staying strong till P07!


    By Blogger lesykes, at 4/19/2006 11:01 PM  

  • so i e-mailed a few pictures but i'm gettin an error e-mail. can you let me know if you still get it? its a blue wristband, held together by red ductape, and a nametag that says Andrew on it. thanks!

    By Blogger Andrew Dale, at 4/19/2006 11:03 PM  

  • I was soooo planning to wear mine til next year (or try to at least), but about a month later I was at work (sales rep.) and just walking around the place.....

    it unbuckles itself! not like rip apart because it got caught on something.....but just came off at the little junction that holds the thing together....

    I think I got the weak one...

    anyway...all of my group that went took theirs off...

    Passion '07.....in Atlanta....we shall try again!

    By Blogger [Russell], at 4/19/2006 11:47 PM  

  • i have a friend who still has her purple wristband on....what's up with the purple people?? they got something special in theirs? as for me, it lasted about a month...i had to take it off for work. :(

    By Anonymous karis, at 4/20/2006 12:05 AM  

  • I kept my bracelet on for about a week, and would have kept it on longer, but I was a bridesmaid in a wedding, so I had no choice. The bride kept hers on up until that point too! :) Can't wait til Passion '07!

    By Blogger Kate, at 4/20/2006 1:03 AM  

  • Go purple group, way to survive! Mine made it 38 days this year before it started to rip, but it is tacked to my desk so I can remember all of the awesome things God did and continues to do through those days in Nashville!

    By Blogger Adam, at 4/20/2006 10:34 AM  

  • haha I know that arm. I took my arm band off last week after I cheated for a month or so of holding it together with ducktape. I had the silver one, so it didnt look bad. But now it is saved for my pin board. yay for pin boards.

    By Blogger will polley, at 4/20/2006 11:01 AM  

  • Does this student ever venture outdoors?
    Sure I venture outdoors - special precautions must be taken to move the wristband evenly across the arm to prevent a "band-tan", however.

    Toss and turn in the night?
    I've been tossing and turning ever so much as of late, but that's because I've been sick :(

    In fact, the shower is the perfect opportunity for you to scrub the white inside edge of your band with a light detergent and rinse well with water -- this will lead to an excellent shine.

    All more the reason to shower more! :D

    Get itchy?
    Usually caused from dead skin cells .. shower more!

    Participate in recreational activities?
    I participate in .. studying for final exams :(

    Is there special care for bands that last this long?
    Other than the fact that one must keep the area clean at all times and the precautionary terms that must be taken to reduce "band-tan", there's not too much extra tender loving care needed :)

    Are clothing options assembled accordingly?
    Not yet .. good idea though!

    Do people still ask?
    As of recently, questions have been more like "Oh gross, are you going to leave that on until next year's Passion?!?!" People still ask, but it tends to be my Christian friends who didn't go to Passion06. Although I did get to share about my time at Passion and about Christ a couple times! It was very exciting! I don't know if I've made a difference in the person's life, but the fact that God gave me the chance to share about Him for a few seconds of their day was amazing :D

    What's the strangest comment received?
    "Oh my gosh, what is that?! ... Oh, I thought you were bleeding or something."
    "Why is it pink?" I guess it's rare to see guys with pink-ish/burgundy-ish coloured armbands? :p

    Is there a psychological attachment?
    It's a great reminder to carry around with you :) Next year, will you be bringing back the wristband with RENOWN on it (or GLORIOUS, or ...)? The only thing is that the wristband is getting kind of bubble-y ... :(

    For image:

    Keep running as fast as you can into the Marvelous Light,
    Chris Luk
    University of Western Ontario, Canada

    By Blogger Christopher Luk, at 4/20/2006 11:18 AM  

  • P.S. I also received an error e-mail, hope this helps:

    This message was created automatically by mail delivery software (Exim).

    A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
    recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

    SMTP error from remote mailer after end of data:
    host mailin-02.mx.aol.com []: 554-:
    (ISP:B2) http://postmaster.info.aol.com/errors/554ispb2.html

    By Blogger Christopher Luk, at 4/20/2006 11:21 AM  

  • That is awesome!! I tried keeping mine on for as long as possible, but unfortunately I could only stand 2 weeks of it!! Maybe whoever is on the "wrist band comittee" could consider more durable bands for Passion 07 that would last all year!! (just a thought).

    By Anonymous Bethany, at 4/20/2006 11:51 AM  

  • good idea bethany! the wrist band committee incorporated should definately design a more durable band. i was silver and mine broke a month later. maybe we should do what Apple does and make them out of polycarbonate plastic. that would be durable. i dont know, just a suggestion...

    By Anonymous Chase, at 4/20/2006 12:08 PM  

  • As soon as I figure out to get a pic of it i will send it in - i dont have a digital camera!!!! GO silver!!!!

    By Anonymous Kristen, at 4/20/2006 12:35 PM  

  • Yeay...im one of the 1,10,100 tghat still have their wristbands on.. im trying to keep it on until atlanta so we will see... but its still in good shape.. but as soon as i can get sopme photos of it ill send it ... Go silver as well... see you guys in atlanta!

    By Anonymous Todd, at 4/20/2006 1:02 PM  

  • heck yeah! I don't wear it but I made it big so that I could take it off...go lavender

    By Blogger Josh, at 4/20/2006 2:18 PM  

  • Mine is not on my arm anymore but is displayed in my car... everyone that rides with me that does not already know about passion asks... and, my friend uses his as a book mark... so even though we do not offically "wear" it... it still GOES WITH US!

    By Blogger Carolyn Carter, at 4/20/2006 3:12 PM  

  • you know, the important thing about the bracelet, though, is that it's purple. we all know purple is best, right?!!?!? :)

    By Blogger Lauren, at 4/20/2006 3:19 PM  

  • I did the same thing Josh did! I made sure that mine was tight enough that it would stay on... but loose enough that I could take it off for work and things like that without having to cut it. Most of the time I don't wear mine because I'm ALWAYS at work... and working at Panera making sandwiches and salads... they don't really like you to have jewelry or anything. So it comes off for work but I usually put it on later.

    Mine still looks pretty great! The wording is starting to rub off a bit... but you can still see what it says and all!

    I was thinking... has there been any thought given to maybe having the silicon bands? They seem to last a while.

    Anyway... have a great day guys!

    Oh... and WOOT WOOT for NEON BLUE Group Number 3!!!

    For HIS Glory,

    By Blogger Andra Lynn, at 4/20/2006 5:56 PM  

  • So answer this, how come the passion is always at the beginning of the year.....me that is my busy time of year....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/20/2006 5:57 PM  

  • ME ME MEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! It's almost a goner though, i've been debating whether to tape it back up once it gets to the point of no return or to let it go... But for now its still on!! YAY SILVER!

    By Blogger Whitney, at 4/20/2006 6:16 PM  

  • yay! a fellow neon blue person! i was beginning to think that i was the only one out there! mine isn't on anymore, though...i cut it off to save it while it was still in good condition...i plan to try to keep the one i will get from passion07 on for as long as possible, though...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/20/2006 8:30 PM  

  • We should have a passion wristband museum!!!

    hey not to take away from this but could you please pray? am witnessing to someone who thinks there are manyways to God and that He is so loving that like people who live in remote places in the world and have not heard of God or Jesus should be able to go to heaven and that while the bumm who is in jail and suddenly excepts Jesus and he goes to heaven that that is not fair. and that there are many ways to God and truth, like if ya have 5 recipies for a chocolate cake in the end they are all the same ya know? same with God that the bible is just one way of thinking or of truth.

    would love some feed back!!!

    have shared scriptures with her, but she does not want to hear those. she wants to hear why I believe with out the verses. which for me is hard to do, I do need to learn how to listen with my heart.

    268gen.. would you share how and what to say to some of her questions? if you have time????

    am so glad I am being used. I ove it!! but do not want to mess it up ya know??
    I am the kind of person who can walk up to anyone and talk about the lord. hard when they are not reseptive though. am praying for the Holy Spirit to give me love and the right words for her...

    thanks!!! how is the Passion house??? and be safe in what everstorms there are!!!

    By Blogger eliz, at 4/20/2006 8:33 PM  

  • i wasn't able to attend passion06 but i am looking forward to passion07 (was one of the first 500). it would be worth extra money Louie if it had something like Renown on the back and was designed to last at least a year (when we could get a new one from Passion08).


    By Blogger spreading passion in Canada, at 4/20/2006 8:49 PM  

  • i had mine on til mid march. just before spring break. then i cut it off b/c, (sorry if this is gonna sound gross) but b/c i was really sick during spring break, and i threw up and it landed on my arm and wristband. so i cleaned it, but took it off, cuz after wetting it, it had water in the middle. and it got bubbly.
    and b4 that happen, the ppl that i went with in my group was like "u still have that on??" but yea.

    GO GOLD!!!!!!

    By Blogger Branded By Fire, at 4/20/2006 10:01 PM  

  • eliz,
    my best advice is to listen to your friend. it would probably help to share your testimony of how you became a christian. it sounds like she wants to know how christianity works in life. if you have any specific questions that she's been asking and want help answering those, my xanga is www.xanga.com/wchanger00 and my myspace is www.myspace.com/wchanger00 just leave me a message through either of those with the questions, there's just not enough space on here to fully answer the questions and things he's bringing up. if i can't help answer the question, i have many professors at my school (a Bible college) who would be more than happy to help!
    i hope this helped and i'll be praying for you!
    God bless you!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/20/2006 11:22 PM  

  • Sarahc,
    hey girl, real quick thanks and yeh I for sure shared my testimony with her. when ever I witness that is ever present.do need to learn to listen though, so thanks!!
    check your blog...

    By Blogger eliz, at 4/20/2006 11:46 PM  

  • We can I pre-order my Passion DVD???

    I was watching some of my little videos I made on my camera during community groups and what not, and am really excited to get a passion06 dvd.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/21/2006 12:03 AM  

  • ^^^When* can I pre-order...it's late...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/21/2006 12:03 AM  


    heck yeah. mine's falling apart but ductaped on!

    By Blogger Andrew Dale, at 4/21/2006 12:12 AM  

  • Louie, or anyone reading this I got a question on a song. I don't know if you have ever heard the song it's called "All I Want". I just heard it tonight and I would really like to find out who sings it so I can download it off itunes or at least find where I can get the lyrics. The first verse says something about our frustrations, and then towards the end of the verse it says"All I want...All I want... All I want...All I want is You. Does anyone know who sings this song, sorry I cant be of more help with they lyrics. If someone knows who sings this or where I can get the lyrics please leave a comment on this or email me at cheetofreak2003@yahoo.com. Thanks so much!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/21/2006 1:03 AM  

  • heh... Hey Louie, I still have an unused wrist band from Gold Camp, of OneDay back in 2000. =P My packet was sent late, and I left for Memphis by the time it got to my house, so I had a good copy to save as a memento when i came back. I still have it, 6 years later. =) Let me know if you want a picture of it.

    By Anonymous Randall Wong, at 4/21/2006 3:26 AM  

  • Anonymous (cheetofreak) -- Yahoo's giving me fits today, I can't compose anything.

    All I Want = Delirious?
    Words and music by Martin Smith

    By Blogger Sunny, at 4/21/2006 10:25 AM  

  • Eliz

    Not to discourage you, but I agree with the person you are witnessing to. About what they believe. Don't give up!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/21/2006 10:42 AM  

  • Hey Andrea,

    GO NEON BLUE! That's so cool that you put our picture up! My wristband is intact, but on my self...awaiting a place in a scrapbook.


    By Blogger undignified worshipper, at 4/21/2006 10:42 AM  

  • I hear all these colors purple, silver etc can you tell me what they represent as I have not attended a conference???????

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/21/2006 10:47 AM  

  • Anonymous

    I wasn't there either, but it may be colors for seating, community groups or something else. Those are my thoughts.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/21/2006 10:50 AM  

  • my forest green family member still has his on. it looks good too! i'll get him to post and take a pic of it. GO forest green!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/21/2006 10:50 AM  

  • when you register, you get a wristband of a certain color (16 options this year) - this is your assigned "community group." This is composed of a few hundred people, which they breakdown into smaller groups of 8-10 students. Pretty amazing! It's a great idea - and I'm still in contact with everyone (except Natalie - where are u???).


    By Blogger undignified worshipper, at 4/21/2006 11:00 AM  

  • i still have mine... and the one from passion '05, which marks the page in my Bible where Isaiah 26:8 is on.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/21/2006 2:40 PM  

  • Oh, memories... My friends and I drove back from Shelby Farms after OneDay with "The Lord's" plastered all over my Jeep Cherokee... If you know what I'm talking about, you're either old like me or you saw it on the DVD... There was just something cool about having people look at us like we were insane... My family about thought I had joined a cult... Oh, being young... That was six years ago... It scares me to think how old (or young) some of you guys were then...

    Seriously, though, it's awesome to see the craziness God's calling some of us to do... The world may look at us and see crazy, but crazy is different, and they will remember it...

    By Anonymous Kevin, at 4/21/2006 3:36 PM  

  • Anonymous from 4/21

    curiouse what did you mean in your reply to Eliz`s post?

    are you a believer? do you have any questions?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/21/2006 5:46 PM  

  • Anonymous

    What I meant was that I believe some of the same things that the person Eliz was witnessing to believes. Am I a believer...sorta. I have lots of questions, but according to the Bible in some ways it does seem that there are many ways to get to God..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/21/2006 6:08 PM  

  • Sunny,

    Thank you for your help!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/21/2006 8:44 PM  

  • Anonymous
    from 6:08,
    hey no worries!! I will pray for you!!! if you feel like it please stop by my blog and we can chat??? I am down with that are you?

    just go ahead and clic on my pic and you will be there, I would love to hear and try to listen and answer any questions about the Lord you have!!

    God does love you so much!!!

    By Blogger eliz, at 4/21/2006 9:51 PM  

  • wristband's long gone....passion lives on!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/21/2006 9:56 PM  


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/22/2006 9:51 AM  

  • I kept mine on as long as I could. . . it lasted till the first few days in March.(don't remember for sure.) But I know it was sometime in march.
    People would always ask me "When did you go to the hospital??" And then I would tell them, well I did not know that I did. ;-P So then I would tell them what it was, and they would just be like "Wow that's awesome! Praise God!"

    So that's my little input about the wristband.
    See ya'll in 07!!


    By Blogger Tessa, at 4/22/2006 12:10 PM  

  • My band is still on. The first tear started on April 8th at about 8 in the morning, while I still in bed. My right hand hit it and I woke up just enough to see a tiny little beginning of a tear (small enough to only be visible when it was right in front of my face). It didn't receive any more damage until April 15, when it received a few more beginnings of tears during a game of Ultimate Frisbee.

    I have had a few people ask if I am going to wear it until next year. I don't really have any particular plans other than to leave it on until it falls off.

    It's been nice in that it's helped me find other people who went, people who I didn't know were there.

    I know the third poster (Helen, 4/19). I'm fairly confident that I'm the one she's talking about.

    Yes, there is something of an emotional attachment to the armband. No, I don't get much physical activity (other than the two games of Ultimate Frisbee that I've played recently). Yes, I shower. No, the band doesn't have a name (yet).

    By Blogger Aidje, at 4/22/2006 8:25 PM  

  • Oh, I forgot the picture:


    By Blogger Aidje, at 4/22/2006 8:26 PM  

  • Argh. Here's a real link to the picture.

    By Blogger Aidje, at 4/22/2006 8:27 PM  

  • Okay so I already posted that my SILVER band is still on... nearly gone, but none the less on! I decided to share some of the many adventures we've been through together...

    Does this student ever venture outdoors? It's been to six flags with me, a few trips to the lake, intermural games, and even made it throught pledge week...
    Toss and turn in the night? like crazy, sad thing is when my band started to get "crisp" i was raising my arm up in my sleep to move my hair out of my face and cut my chin!
    Shower? daily
    Perspire? of course
    Get itchy? not so much
    Participate in recreational activities? see above!

    Is there special care for bands that last this long? love!!!!
    Does the band have a name? not yet, SHE's rather special to me though!
    Are clothing options assembled accordingly? at first i did feel weird when i had to dress up really nice and it was still on, i almost took it off, and decided against that.. good thing!
    Do people still ask? alllll the time! i love it, makes the best witnessing tool!
    What's the strangest comment received? "is that a ductape braclet?"
    Is there a psychological attachment? deep down yes, it almost fell off the other day and i began to panic and wanted to find tape right away! but its safe!

    By Blogger Whitney, at 4/23/2006 1:09 AM  

  • Haha, mine is still intact, if not on. I made it loose enough at Passion that I could slide it on and off without much trouble, so I have it in my room intact and un-cut. It really brings back memories whenever I see it, so I'm glad I still have it. A friend of mine had hers on until probably 2 weeks ago, when it finally broke.

    By Anonymous Daniel Stephens, at 4/23/2006 12:53 PM  

  • Seems like alot of you use ductape for yours, does the tape not end up getting sticky? I have a friend who has her's stapled in a few places!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/23/2006 1:57 PM  

  • i still have mine on... its about to fall off but its still on. silver.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/23/2006 3:06 PM  

  • Eliz
    I wouldn't mind chatting. But I'm like anonymous because I don't have any kind of website. So it would make it kind of hard because anonymous people normally can't post on other websites. Thanks for praying.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/23/2006 4:36 PM  

  • Anonymous 4:26,
    hey no sweat, I will pray, you can email me if ya want to?? again just clic on my pic and there ya would be. other wise praying and do you have a bible? if so read John for a start and ask God to show you what He is saying and He will it might not be sudden but He is very patient and wants to reveal His truth to you so much.

    am glad you are intrested!!! great start.

    By Blogger eliz, at 4/23/2006 6:56 PM  

  • Eliz

    I'll email you so we aren't talking through this website. And I'll start reading the bk of John, thanks.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/23/2006 7:31 PM  

  • My friend Lisa & I have Green wrist bands that were for Volunteers at Passion06 conference.
    We are hoping to keep them on until we volunteer at Passion07 Conference. If you would like a picture, let us know. How many volunteers are there out there that still have on their Green Wrist Bands?
    I challenge you to let me know. We can compare pictures!!
    Hey Louie, do you still have yours on? We almost showed you ours when we volunteered at the Thirstyo6 conference, but never got the change. Erica kept telling us too!!
    It will be too cool to see how many us can last until 07!!
    Many blessings to all!!


    By Blogger Teri, at 4/25/2006 11:29 PM  

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