Sunday, May 18, 2008

Getting Set For Stockholm

Just a quick update for anyone out there checking the Blog regularly (I know the US is just waking up to Sunday!)...we all made it to Sweden last night after a full day of travel and about a four-hour lay over in Amsterdam. Starting to think we should have done an event n Amsterdam as we are going to be through there several times on this Tour. Honestly, it was hard leaving Kyiv behind after such a special night with the people there, but hopefully it won't be our last visit to Ukraine AND we're excited to be in Stockholm. Stockholm is made up of many islands and mainland, has lots of water, tons of old and an edge of new (this is the home of IKEA after all). It's cloudy and a bit rainy today (not unusual for Stockholm or Passion!) and our team is busy at Hovet (our venue) getting everything set for tonight. Sound checks for the bands are happening right now. Online tickets closed yesterday at about 800, but we are praying the word is spreading and many people will just shown up at the door. From what we can sense, we have come to the right place with the light of His renown. We are praying for boldness and power, and believing the Holy Spirit will be the "difference maker" as tonight becomes a part of God's "greater things" for Stockholm and all of Sweden. Be back later tonight with an update and pics. Believing and grateful for your prayers! LG


  • Yeah, you guys should have done an event there :-P just kidding. But me and my friends were joking about that yesterday after reading you guys had yet another layover in our capital city.

    Amsterdam is a really dark city thugh full of drugaddicts and prostitution.... Having Hillsong United perform at Dam square last september was CRAZY, but yet so powerful.

    I keep praying for the tour and for everyone who's involved.I can't wait to hear what God has done @ Passion Stockholm! One thing I know for sure, it's going to be a different Stockholm ;-)

    Safe travels!! Jacoline

    By Blogger Jacoline, at 5/18/2008 8:01 AM  

  • yay :)

    By Blogger Brittany, at 5/18/2008 8:33 AM  

  • Praying for Stockholm from London. Looking forward to June 5th too!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/18/2008 8:41 AM  

  • yes Lord, spread the word, Your Kingdom come in Stockholm! there is nothing new under the sun but you Lord! thank you for Your beauty in beautiful Stockholm!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/18/2008 9:15 AM  

  • praying for stockholm this morning. greater things!

    By Blogger hadsell, at 5/18/2008 9:45 AM  

  • Believing right along beside you, and still praying!

    By Blogger Aslan's Girl, at 5/18/2008 9:46 AM  

  • Hi Louie and Passion team,

    Praying for ya'll and Passion Stckholm. Can't wait to hear God's great work through the event. Greater things have yet to come!!!

    Sam Lu

    By Blogger Sam Lu, at 5/18/2008 11:14 AM  

  • Louie and Team,
    Praising God in advance with you as He purposes
    His amazing grace moving there tonight.
    Rough places made smooth.
    Salvation tonight.
    Eternity rocked by His movement in Stockholm
    Believing with you,

    By Blogger Tom, at 5/18/2008 11:17 AM  

  • We're with you - excited to see what God continues to do in lives across the world.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/18/2008 11:47 AM  

  • Praying, praying, praying!!

    By Blogger Anna, at 5/18/2008 12:00 PM  

  • would isaiah26:8 be the prayer of every student's heart in stockholm.

    By Blogger Daniel, at 5/18/2008 12:02 PM  

  • praying for you guys all morning.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/18/2008 2:06 PM  

  • hope the night will run smoothly and prayer for God to just be amongst you in Stockholm!

    Let us know how it goes Louie!

    (don't forget to podcast too!)

    By Blogger throughHislens, at 5/18/2008 2:22 PM  

  • So glad to hear you had a safe trip. Thanks for keeping us updated as the story of Jesus and His love starts to unfold in these cities. I have been, and continue to uplift you in prayer....love you guys :) May the many who are lost and hurting begin to turn their hope and trust to our Lord and Saviour and know He is the answer they have been waiting for. Even though the stops are short in each city, I pray still the fire to be ignited in the hearts of the students...to take the story of Jesus to their campuses and around their city.

    Looking forward to hearing about Stockholm. Also loved watching the video from Kyiv and hearing Chris sing some in Russian.....amazing!!

    By Blogger Donna, at 5/18/2008 3:13 PM  

  • Would be great if there will be a Passion conference in Amsterdam some day.

    As Jacoline already there is a lot going on in Amsterdam that we can't be proud of as Dutch people.

    Prostitution and drug addicts and other worse stuff which I see on a daily base on my work with homeless people in this city.

    Would be great if more students hear about Jesus and starting to give something back to people who need help!

    Praying for the world tour and hope to see you in Paris! Please let us know when you are in Amsterdam again, cause then my prayers doesn't have to travel that far! :)



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/18/2008 4:14 PM  

  • unbelievable. heart exploding, amazed, grateful, excited, pumped, blessed, smiling and humbled - daniele v.

    By Blogger Daniele Valadares, at 5/18/2008 4:19 PM  

  • so thankful for the reports of how God moved in Kyiv!

    ...praying for a refreshing for you all today in Stockholm... & for God to accomplish all He desires in the hearts of all present tonight!

    blessings 268gen!

    By Blogger Kimmer, at 5/18/2008 4:21 PM  

  • My thoughts have been with you and the passion team in Stockholm all day. I've been praying that great this will come to the people of Stockholm and all the other cities on the WT. Thanks for keeping us posted!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/18/2008 4:24 PM  

  • Thank you for great time in Kyiv! We praying for Stockholm! God with you!

    By Blogger Anok, at 5/18/2008 4:42 PM  

  • Hello Louie from Houston! Just found your blog, after I watched the youtube video about "Laminin", wow! Look forward to praying for the world tour. I was on the Choice trip to England, now almost 20 years ago! We're still at HFBC, even with an Aggie for a pastor! Our God is an awesome God, recently, through a cardiac heart surgeon and team at Texas Children's, he saved our newborn baby girl and repaired her heart after a 12 hour open heart surgery!
    Amy (Jordan) Smith

    By Blogger New Beginnings, at 5/18/2008 6:30 PM  

  • The night was absolutely awesome @ Passion:Sthlm! Worshipping with 1300 people that went crazy for Jesus in Stockholm was amazing! But it's not over now, greater things are yet to come! The best times are ahead of us...God is on the move in Stockholm!

    By Anonymous David, at 5/18/2008 6:41 PM  

  • Thank you for an incredible night in Stockholm. Remember: "Greater things are still to be done in this city, nation and world." God bless us all! Love in Christ!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/18/2008 7:27 PM  

  • Amsterdam will be a good place to perform next time- I'm pretty sure at least 30.000 people would come :-)

    I'm from holland but I was lucky enough to be in Kyiv so I got to enjoy passion (it was awesome!)
    & I prayed for stockholm.

    blessings on the rest of your tour,

    By Anonymous liesbeth van Amsterdam, at 5/19/2008 7:10 AM  

  • Praise God for what is going on with the world tour. Was in DC with a group from my church...love Passion...love this generations heart for God. So glad this blogspot and podcasts are here for us who can't be with you as the tour moves around the world. I feel like my heart is walking with yours from city to city...can't stop thinking about it. It's just exciting to be in God's story.

    Thanks Louie and everyone connected with Passion.

    By Anonymous thom, at 5/21/2008 5:55 PM  

  • I'm just catching up on the blogs regarding the Europe tour. My heart is so excited for what God is doing there. I was part of a church plant in Holland for two years and met many people from Eastern Europe and many other countries. There is such a great need for spiritual awakening for unbelievers and encouragement for believers. Thanks for offering both!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/23/2008 12:01 PM  

  • Ever masturbate with the thoughts of someone else besides Jesus in your head? That is why the goal of passion is to make Jesus the most famous name in your life. There isn’t a car ride or a conversation, a bite to eat or a sip to drink, or a single entertaining thing out there not waiting to give us the choice of whether or not we have Him in mind first and foremost. He created everything there is. Nothing exists that He didn’t make.-Homeless John 1:3. Every step we give. Every thought we take. Every second of the day is HIS. What are you going to do with Jesus next? “What do you mean, if I can’t?” Jesus asked. “Anything is possible if a person believes.”

    By Blogger bonomsa, at 6/30/2008 7:19 PM  

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