Sunday, September 30, 2007

Welcome To Kneel – Passion’s First Monday Prayer Focus For October

Kneel – First Monday Prayer

In the event that you have joined the Passion Movement in recent years, historically, we have used the first Monday of each month as a call to knit our faith together for God’s causes in our midst. As Passion heads into six regional USA gatherings, and a multi-city, continent spanning tour in 2008, we want to band together, inviting you to connect your faith with ours in believing God for much more than we could ever do on our own. The world is a desperate place, with massive dilemmas that cannot be solved by events or conferences. We need something more, something God-sized…something supernatural. So for the year to come we will gather here on the first Monday of each month and link our hearts around some of the challenges, dreams and needs that we are trusting God for as the journey unfolds. We’d love for you to carve out space each month to add your voice to what we hope will be a wave of praying people around the globe. Let’s get started.

As we pray today it’s all about faith. Simply put, faith is what is central in any meaningful interaction with God. Hebrews 11:6 reads, “Without faith, it is impossible to please God. For He who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.” As we pray, it is not the volume of our voices or the length of our prayers that move the heart of God, but faith. Because faith agrees with God that He is God, and as a result, that nothing is impossible with Him. So with Him in view, let’s ask Him to lead us through doubt and despair to the place where we glimpse His greatness and know that nothing we ever ask of Him will tax His infinite power in the slightest.

16 Prayer Points (2+6+8=16) For October

Pray that everything we do will result in making Jesus famous. We exist to glorify Him. As Paul wrote, “We preach Christ.” Our aim is not to promote Passion or people. We want to see Jesus’ name lifted up over the cities and nations that we are going to be in.

For the Passion Team. One of our Board members (Tom and Nona) lost their daughter-in-law this week. For grace over their son Marc and their granddaughters. Others on our team have family members facing major health issues. Please pray for a covering over our team and their families.

For unity and wisdom among our team, and that all attempts of the enemy to disrupt our mission will be thwarted.

For the Boston Regional, that the Spirit will prepare the way for our arrival into Boston, and that this gathering will be a unifying force for all of New England and beyond.

For light to come to the city of Boston as darkness is scattered by the truth and life of Jesus.

That news of the Boston gathering will gain exponential momentum in these last days, and that more and more students across NE will link with us for this event.

For those leading Boston and Chicago (Louie, Charlie, Chris, Fee, Piper by video) and all the team who will make the event a reality, that God will inspire and fill our hearts and minds with a huge story and supernatural God-life within.

For Jesus to become famous in Boston and NE.

For the Midwest, and all of Chicago, that the Chicago Regional will awaken the church to be passionate about touching the world and changing the campus.

For Louie, Matt, Chris, Kristian and Piper by video, and all the staff, volunteers and crew who will work together to make this weekend something that makes God happy.

For the city of Kiev, Ukraine, our first world tour stop in 08 and our partner city for Boston. Pray for the churches and ministries there that have a passion for university students. For spiritual awakening to come to the campuses of Ukraine.

For Sao Paulo and all of Brazil, our partner city to Chicago, that Passion Sao Paulo will be a catalyst for an explosion of university-targeted ministry throughout the nation.

For every Regional and World gathering that people will embrace Jesus, be stunned by His greatness and seek to reflect that majesty in every facet of life.

For the Do Something Now Campaign at each Regional event. We want to put feet to our worship as we care for those in transitional places in life and give a small gift to extend and improve life for an African village and be a harbinger of the Kingdom that brings water to dry places. See Isaiah 58:6-12.

That the story of Christ’s rescue will be well told in every place and students will see what it means to be connected forever to their Creator.

For our teams that are scouting out each World Tour city (teams are in various cities almost constantly now), that they will make the right connections and that the right venues will be secured in each place.

“Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations, you will be called Repairer of the Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.” Isaiah 58:12.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Remedy Is Here

The wait is finally over and the latest offering from the David Crowder*Band is here...and I, for one, couldn't be more excited. Having been a part of the music for most of the year, my joy in this day is not so much for me, but for you. I have been so excited for you to get your ears and hearts around this music for many months now!

The new album is classic Crowder...plus! Steeped in the idea that together we can make a massive change in the world around us, Remedy calls us to listen and engage so that not only will our hearts swell, but those of our less-fortunate brethren around the globe will, too, enlarge with His goodness and life.

If you've been anywhere near sixsteps/Passion orbits during the last few weeks you've already heard glimmers of this music/movement collision, so I won't rattle on about what you already anticipate. But I do want to say "Welcome Remedy," and pray that our great God will speed it on it's way around the globe with much favor and anointing to spark real action into a raging flame that will make bright the face of our Savior to young and old in exponential ways.

Tuesday's the day Remedy arrives, and a store near you will hold the goods. Support the cause. Partake with much gusto. Join the movement. Be the remedy.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Please Come To Boston

These lyrics, made famous in another generation by Dave Loggins and more recently by Mr. Kenny Chesney, are echoing in our hearts as we now are just a few weeks away from Passion's return to New England. While everyone has heard of the Green Monster, Boston Harbor and the storied institutions like Harvard and MIT that dot the landscape, we see more. Boston, and New England as a whole, is a collegiate epicenter that shapes the world. Boston alone has close to 300,000 university students on 80 campuses, but those numbers both skyrocket when you extend to neighboring Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine and beyond. As a result, those like Passion who value university students cannot help but focus on Boston and NE as a whole.

But, beyond the sheer numbers of students and campuses of influence, we are drawn to Boston and New England because of the challenging spiritual climate. People say it's a spiritually dark city, and I agree. In the little video story we have included you'll see me down at Faneuil Hall in the midst of a huge election event, talking about people coming to worship Jesus at a Passion Tour event a few blocks away. As I was speaking on camera a women walking behind me, when hearing the name of Jesus, came up behind me and tried to put some kind of hex on me. Strange as that sounds, it's a fit with the spiritual tension that permeates the city.

Any Believer in Boston who is remotely “awake” will tell you the battle is real and the enemy has a foothold there. Yet, we are not going to New England in the name of Passion...or any person. We head to Boston in the name of Jesus Christ, and are going there for His renown. Sure, we expect opposition on many levels, but we are not going alone. This little Blog holds much potential, and the Passion Movement circles the globe. So our hope is that these words will marshal a wave of faith as people start aiming their prayers of hope and light toward New England. We are not foolish enough to roll into Boston without such an effort, and are humbly asking you to walk beside us and cover us with your prayers in these days.

On our first trip to the city (see video) we had the collected prayers of 33 Tour cities behind us as we arrived in Boston. This time around we don't have that luxury and are asking God to raise up people from the north, south, east and west who will stand with us for the duration of this gathering…starting now.

If you don't already know, Passion Boston is October 12/13 in the Agganis Arena on the campus of Boston University. Schools start later in NE than the rest of the country and students are just returning to campuses. So please help us spread the word to anyone you know in New England and pray that Passion Boston will be huge catalyst for the coming year as students unite to make Jesus famous on their campuses and throughout the northeast.


PS- The two videos tell the story of Passion's first official Boston stop in 2003, and will give you a taste of why we are so passionate about this step in our journey.