Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Beautiful Ending to A Potent Night

Thirsty has been a beautiful gathering of close to 1400 campus leaders from across the nation and the world. A dozen Japanese leaders and students are here from Tokyo, as well as others from Africa, Brazil and India. The days have been rich....and intimate. Tonight we celebrated Holy Communion, antheming Jesus and remembering His death for our life. There was quite a bit of shouting going on (communion was somewhat loud in places tonight!) and a lot of people falling face down in the presence of our awesome/merciful God. As the night ended some lingered for a bit, resting in His presence and contemplating the outrageous truth we shared together. I thought this was a fitting picture of the days...leaders bowed down with a glorious God.

Thanks to all of you who've been praying for us. We wrap things up at noon tomorrow and head to GMA in Nashville for what promises to be a pretty special week.

Given we are wall to wall at Thirsty, there will be no listening joy this Friday. But, it's only FIVE DAYS to your listening as long as you like. A saw a lot of CDs going out in the mail later today, so watch your box! We're looking forward to the madness of Tuesday. Let His renown echo from coast to coast!!

Drinking Him in,

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Aloha Means Goodbye, Too

Aloha, Hawaii. It's been great being here and it was a huge privilege to be a part of the HIM Conference.

Our last view of Oahu from our hotel. Rough, I know.

A group of students from Northwestern University (Noelle's mom and dad are running this thing!) who are here on spring break. Thanks for letting me hang out with you today. May God use you to spark the awakening on Northwestern's campus for His renown.

And my new Oahu friends, sporting their Lost/Found t-shirts for their youth conference. Thanks for bringing me one, I will wear it with joy.

Though the HIM Conference was filled with all ages, I met so many island college students and heard lots of stories about how hungry they are for God to move in power. Let's all pray for the main campus here on Oahu (UofH) and the many smaller schools and island branches on the other islands.

Aloha friends!
Louie and Shelley

Friday, March 24, 2006

We Win!

From Honolulu, by way of the Passion house in Georgia, We Win.

Our mission will succeed and God will prevail.


11 Days!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


We have arrived on the lovely island of Oahu where I will be speaking for a conference put on by Hawaiian Islands Ministries. Yes, it's a real conference for you skeptics out there! I'm excited about meeting some new Hawaiian friends, and especially some island college students.

I know the words Hawaii and "pray for us" really don't go together all that well, but would appreciate yours. They don't get a ton of stuff like this conference here and really treasure the opportunity to worship in a large, islands-wide gathering. And for those of you in colder/snowy climes, enjoy the pic and think warm tropical thoughts.

Monday, March 20, 2006

March Madness Ends Today

A huge thanks to the folks at iTunes for their massive March sale on Passion/sixsteps CDs. If you missed it, all the above are conveniently gathered on one page and most full length CDs are only $7.99. Yep, DC*B's A Collison, Passion: How Great Is Our God, Tomlin's Arriving, Charlie's Latest- Flying Into Daybreak and more all just $7.99. But the sale ends today! So if you're looking for a great Spring Break listening option go for it. And thanks iTunes for a great sale.

To find, visit the Inspo page and wait for the Passion Worship Movement banner to appear across the top.

March Madness Ends today!

Friday, March 17, 2006

18 Days!

That's right...eighteen days until we're listening to the full Passion: Everything Glorious CD! Until then, a great reminder of God's faithfulness in every season.

"You Never Let Go" from Matt Redman. Enjoy!

A head's up on what's coming since you're asking. Passion: Everything Glorious will be available everywhere on Tuesday, April 4! You can pre-order now for $9.99 at 268Store.com.

There is no special CD/DVD version of Everything Glorious because we are working on a full-length DVD available this summer containing 10 full length song videos plus four talks and a few little extras. It's going to be a great resource and the video is looking amazing.

So, 13 tracks and over 70 minutes of music is on the way in 18 days and the DVD will arrive mid-summer.

He makes everything glorious!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Everything Glorious--Great Price, Huge Prize

The new CD, Passion: Everything Glorious, is now available for presale in the 268Store at the ridiculously low price of $9.99. It's our way of helping as many people as possible get their hands on the music. (By the way, if I haven't said it lately, thank you for buying the music we are working so hard to make available and not stealing it...we are grateful and it allows us to do what we do!)

The $9.99 price is available for a limited time and, if you and your crew join together and buy enough copies, four of you are coming to Passion 07 on us! Yep, in addition to the low price, sixstepsrecords is running a little Everything Glorious contest. It's simple, whoever buys the most CDs between now and April 18 wins 4 registrations to Passion 07 AND a hotel room at the Omni in Atlanta.

To get all the details, look over to the right and click on the Passion Conferences Home link. Go there, enter and click on the first entry under Latest. All the info it there. The minimum number of CDs to qualify is 50 (still a steal: 50 x $9.99 = less than $500, but you win a prize valued at over $900!). You and your group/friends/church/school can all qualify as one person/group by using the same entry code. Who knows how many it will take to win. Be a team. Get creative. Have fun. Check it out and jump on board today.

PS-If someone has already preordered without knowing about the interesting little contest and the huge prize, so your entry code was not on your order, contact 268Store@268store.com and let us know. We will add your entry code to any Everything Glorious CDs already ordered so they will count toward your total.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Listen Here!

We know some of you are headed out for Spring Break, while others are in the midst of mid-terms...or both. Today's clip from Passion: Everything Glorious is a potent reminder of the big picture. And today, it's just you guys. All 18000 of you! Can't wait for you to hear the full 6:26 version!

Our God Reigns.


Passion: Everything Glorious available everywhere 04.04.06.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Up Close With Crowder

DC*B rocked the FedEx Forum in Memphis last weekend, along with tourmates, and our pals, Third Day. It was my first time to see the guys on the "Wherever You Are Tour" and it was amazing. Classic Crowder! DC*B opens the night in an undignified (good undignified) way and never looks back. There's also a fun treat with David, Jack and Hogan in the middle of Third Day's set you don't want to miss.

A few songs into their set I was thinking this is going to look great on the Blog.
Then I remembered my camera was in Shelley's purse on the Crowder bus...and though quick, I didn't want to miss one song to get it.

So, we took a few pics on the bus after. We (mostly DC's nephews) took quite a few. My new four year old friend snapped this close up of Uncle David from about ten inches away. [That's his brother's ear, by the way--no, not David's brother's ear--but David's brother's son's ear!]

The Tour lands in enchanted New Mexico tomorrow before heading to Vegas. Check out the schedule and go support the Crowder boys when they come to a city near you.

PS-Interesting item on Crowder's bus.

Monday, March 06, 2006

2520, 301 and 1

The Passion Movement is gaining momentum as more and more of us are seeking to leverage our moments on earth for His fame. While everyone spends their hours and days making much of something, a generation is emerging with a desire to make much of the One who truly should be made much of.

More than events, our large gatherings are a touch point for people with a similar heartbeat for the supremacy of Christ and His renown...a generation seeking to make Him known to all people by any means possible. It's something about that pure core that make Passion gatherings what they are, Godward moments fueling Godward lives.

Nashville rocked us and we don't know what Atlanta will hold. What we do know is that you want to be there! Our marketing is not all that slick or extensive (almost nil at this point), yet 2520
of you have already staked your place at Passion 07. In an e-mail from a mom last week she told us her son got Passion 07 for his birthday. Apparently, it's all he asked for. So, he's now one of the 2520... which is 520 more than all those gathered at our first national conference in 1997.

So when we do the math [College students = last minute planners + Passion 07 is next January + 2520 are registered on 3/6] we know something special is happening and we celebrate. Yet, there is a more important number to consider. 301
. Three hundred and one. The number of days between now and the opening session of Passion 07. Yep, 301 Days! And these 301 days will be the ones that show what the movement is all about... that will validate what happened in Nashville as a God-event and not just a people-event. 301 days for the world to see that He is as satisfying as we say He is.

God can do more in 24 hours than we can ask or imagine. In one day God can change a nation. What can He do through a wave of yielded hearts in 301 x 24 hours? Looking ahead is not wrong at all. Unless it cause us to miss today. Like James reminds us, "Now listen, you who say, 'Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city....' Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. Instead, you ought to say, 'If it is the Lord's will, we will live and do this or that.'" James 4:13-15.

We're working full speed on Passion 07 today (and it looks like if you want to join us you'll need to figure that out sooner, rather than later!), but by His grace let's make much of Him while we can...today!

Embracing with much joy 2520, 301 and 1.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Listen Here!

The lastest from DCB on the upcoming Passion: Everything Glorious CD coming 04.04.06.

Everything Glorious.


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Everything Glorious Listening Party!

OK guys, you've waited long enough. The Passion: Everything Glorious project is finished and will be in stores everywhere in one more month. But, that's still a long time to sit quietly by, and the iTunes Bundle well has run dry, so starting tomorrow we will have a little Friday listening party here on the 268Blog each week until 4.4.06. The offerings will be short (has to be that way), but you will get a true taste of what's to come.

The track listing, as some of you have now heard, is pretty amazing. And, just so you'll know, we have heard you on "Come and Listen," and we agree that it's a killer track and was a
profound way to open and close the conference. But given DCB opens A Collision with it we really didn't want to open this new project with it, as well. So, we'll all have to savor the memory and maybe look for it as an exclusive somewhere down the road. The CD sounds incredible...just like you are there. And it's over 70 minutes long.

Everything Glorious =
Awesome Is The Lord Most High - CT
Glorious - CT w/ Christy N
Party - CT
Jesus Paid It All - Kristian
All We Need - CH
Center - CH
We Are Yours - CH
Your Never Let Go - Matt
How Marvelous - CT
Everything Glorious - DCB
You Are My Joy - DCB
We Win - DCB
Our God Reigns - CT/DC/Matt/CH

Tune in tomorrow for sampling #1.

"You make everything glorious and I am yours."


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Auburn Is Coming To Passion07...

...and a whole lot more of you, too!

Well, you guys are speedy little typers! The Passion07 registration page didn't go live until 12 noon EST and the first 500 spots for next year's gathering (discounted at $99) were gone in 6 minutes! Six minutes. Crazy! By then, people were in the system and the second 500 (at $109) vanished in 2.5 minutes. That's 1000 people coming to Passion07 in 8.5 minutes! Amazing. It was a little like a Shuttle Launch as our team huddled around in amazement watching the registrations pour in so fast.

Even when we passed the first 1000, and "sold out" hit the web page for those prices, that didn't seem to slow things down too much. In less than an hour over 2200 people have staked their place in Atlanta from places like New Zealand, Alabama and Alberta, Canada. In the first hour alone we had people register from Ontario, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Texas, Florida, New York, Maine!, Virginia, Oklahoma and states in between.

The very first one to make it through was Michael from Auburn University. For that, we'll be gifting Michael both Passion06 iTunes Bundles today!

And it's still going...while I am typing this we have said hello to Hannah, registering a group from Ohio, Jennifer from NJ, Stephanie from sunny Florida, Quincee from Texas, Robert from Pennsylvania and Kellyn from Georgia. And, very cool, registration #268 just came through (not person 268, registration form #268) from Ashley from Alabama. Turns out she's a Bama student so we have equal time for the two dreaded foes from the state where "Stars Fell." Ashley, we're going to send you the iTunes Bundles, too, for representing the 268 Generation!

Seems crazy with ten months to go. The movement is gaining momentum!