Tuesday, September 26, 2006

See the Morning

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Coming To Atlanta!

Yes, you are. Lot's of you!

As the price nudged higher at midnight Friday night, registration crossed the 13000 mark with over three months to go... and more of you snagged a spot today at the new price. Exciting.

We're working hard to get ready for you all and are grateful for your comments and prayers for the Passion staff team. Our situations at the Passion House are ongoing and unfolding, requiring perseverance
, wisdom and grace. We treasure your continued prayers and will keep you updated.

This week our Community Group facilitators and worship leaders will be in Atlanta, preparing for Passion 07. It's humbling when you think about the amazing team God has brought together to lead the 20 CGs this year. Pray for us this week as we hang out together, worship, plan and pray.

Talk soon!

PS- I know some of you follow this Blog from far flung places around the nation and world. While we're focused on Atlanta, we know many of you who can't make it to Passion 07 are still passionately following Jesus where you are...and we're totally with you.

By the way, if you're not 18-25, you can still make the trek to Atlanta and join our volunteer team. We need lots more of you to take a role and help us make this event all it can be. So, if you're 26 or older, follow the links at 268Generation.com to Passion07, check out the volunteer information and come and join us!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

26 Hours

And counting....

That's how long you've got to grab your Passion07 registration at $129 bucks.
The price increases to $149 at midnight Friday night and r
egistrations are pouring in like crazy. So don't miss this price break and stake your place today!

Monday, September 11, 2006

This Week At The Passion House

WE'RE STILL SEARCHING for the next Passion 07 promo video. Not sure if any of you out there are taking us up on the challenge, but we need you to help us by either making a great promo video for Passion 07 or getting this info to the video genius in your world who would love to be in the running. The winning video will be seen by thousands of people around the world, inspiring people to make the trek to Atlanta and flinging the Passion vision far and wide. The stuff you need to know is in the last Blog and on the main website. We're hoping someone is in full production mode right now!

FRIDAY THE 15TH the price for Passion 07 goes up twenty bucks! So, if you know you're coming, register before Friday and put that extra cash in your pocket. Registration continues to cruise along, with over 9050 people securing a spot in Atlanta so far.

SEE THE MORNING arrives on the scene in two weeks, bringing with it 11 new tracks from Chris Tomlin echoing the faithfulness of God. Clips of all the songs are posted now at  268Store.com. You're going to love it!

WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS as we lead this journey. Every year as August comes the adversity heats up and our team and families come under fire. Leading up to big Passion gatherings the blows intensify and, in past years the cost has been enormous. In that I'm not saying struggles aren't a part of everyone's lives...surely sickness and death are no respecter of persons. But the timing is like clockwork for our team, and each time a massive event is in sight we know almost exactly when the missiles will start to land. Several family members of our staff team have been diagnosed with serious stuff in the past few weeks and the daughter in law of a Board member has undergone surgery for brain cancer. We are praising God in the midst of it all (Yet will I praise you and rejoice in God my Savior), but we need more covering and are asking you to surround us with your prayers.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Somewhere In The World


Somewhere in the world is a really gifted (and maybe undiscovered)
video maker. Genius might not yet be appropriate, but you've got a certain gifting and an inclination to make things move onscreen with power and purpose. You are creative, can work on a shoe-string budget, are a quick study and passionate about Passion. Is it true? Is it you?

As of this moment, we are searching the world for the next promo video for Passion 07. It's not that we can't make it, but that we think you can. In fact, we know you can. In the YouTube era there's plenty of effort out there to go around, and limitless imagination.

The video has to be less than 2 minutes in length and should (dare we say, will) inspire people to make the trek to Atlanta, as well as amplify the Passion vision.

Maybe you are not the artistic type, but you know who we're looking for. So either get busy and make the next Passion 07 video yourself or send this Blog to someone who you know has the stuff. If there's a winner, your video will go on the official Passion 07 promo DVD to be seen by folks around the globe... and you'll get all the proper props from us!

All the necessary details are on the Latest section of the 268Generation.com page, so click that link over to the right and head to the main page to have a look. Oh, and we need the video by September 20, so time's now ticking for you to show us what you've got.

Thanks for your help!