Friday, February 29, 2008

More DC!

We had to get a 2/29 Blog in, given this is such a rare day, and wanted to share a few more DC pics and let you know the Dallas/DC Podcast is up and running at iTunes now. You'll love the interview with Sam Lu (we just found out the podcast has made it to her and she's heard it, so that's cool) and be encouraged like crazy. Enjoy... and see you Monday for First Monday March. LG

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Now, To Live The Life!

Skies are blue over DC this morning as students head back to campuses all across the eastern US with a fresh sense of what CAN BE if we allow the Spirit of God to live through us what we could never pull off on our own. Passion DC was so special, and it ended in such a potent way last night. As you may know, we are hosting friends from the World Tour cities at each of these regional events. In DC we had guests from Paris, London and Hong Kong. A student that came with the HK team actually came from the mainland, where in 2004, as a struggling college freshman, she found Jesus. An English Lit and Translations major, her English rocked. But what blew us away was hearing Sam share about her journey to Christ, her connection to Passion, and about her hearing my talk from Passion 07 and wondering if the World Tour would make it to China.

For one, her simple step of giving her life to Christ brought tears to most of us, as she recalled sitting at her desk at midnight one night, feeling that the pull of the story she was encountering about Christ was just too irresistible (her words), she thought, "I really don't even know how to pray, so I just said, Jesus, will you take me.....and He did."

How Sam got a visa to even be in DC is still somewhat of a mystery and a miracle. But can you imagine standing in front of 3000 students and telling your story in a language that's not your own. Amazing! I hope to share more on the podcast this week, but it was pretty funny when she, after listening to the last talk from Passion 07 (long story), would watch the web to see if we might come somewhere near her. She said, "So I was sitting eating my dinner, scrolling through the 268Generation site, and when I saw Hong Kong I just dropped my rice bowl!! I couldn't believe it!!" Wow. Sam is the face of the Passion World Tour (and events like DC). She is why we are headed to Atlanta, Hong Kong and beyond!

Somehow, I believe God used Ashley, Christa and Sam more this weekend than anyone who was on the stage...students showing the power of God to students, and hope being birthed about the potential each of us has to be a part of a supernatural God-story that spans the globe.

Today, Passion DC really begins. God has touched our lives in ways only He can. Now, it's time to live the life. We will not be the same, and the world has changed. Students this weekend are sending 11,117 pairs of socks and 2920 towels to the shelters of Metro DC! Plus, they gave $42201 to build 14 wells in Africa AND $36,217 for Passion Kampala. Amazing! By the way, if you didn't notice (and haven't already cut yours off), if you turn your DC wristband inside out Passion Kampala is printed on the other side...hopefully a reminder to pray for this event from now until May.

Lastly, I must say excuse me to all in DC. In another step in the "humanization of Louie" (last weekend it was my math prowess), please excuse the mid-talk burp, the first, I think, in over 30 years of speaking in front of people. What a special moment for all! LOL! :)

So, we're all pretty ordinary, just more fuel for the story of what a limitless God can do through us.
Louie [with the Passion team and our brilliant volunteers]

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lovely DC!

those of you checking to Blog over the weekend, hoping to hear how things are going in DC (technically, Northern Virginia!), heres a brief update:

Winter mix-No.
Stopped by weather-No.
Dry roads-Yes.
3000 crazy college students-Yes.
Over 250 colleges and universities represented-Yes.
Towels and socks piling-Yes.
Wells building-Yes.
Holy Spirit-Yes.
Deep stuff-Yes.
God rearranging-Yes.
Vision birthing-Yes.

And we still have tonight to go!

Thanks for praying. God is moving. More to come. LG

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Headed To DC

If you've been around the Passion Movement for any time at all, you know that we have a very special knack for bad weather. OneDay03, enough said. Passion LA, torrential rain in one of the sunniest cities around. This weekend, as we head to DC, things are no different. Crazy winter weather is on the way.

When I was meeting with college leaders in DC in January it was warm and sunny, leading most to say, "Just wait till February, we'll have ice and snow for Passion DC." I laughed, hoped they were wrong, but knew they were most likely right.

But, think about how life-changing OneDay03 was, in spite of the storms. LA was great. And Dallas was beyond amazing last weekend, even with heavy rain and storms all weekend. All that to say we are on our way to DC today, and believing God for a weekend that will change history...weather or not.

If you're coming to join us, take some extra time to get there and come ready for something special.

See you soon,

Monday, February 18, 2008

120% For Jesus

OK, so if you weren't at Passion Dallas, you're probably wondering what deal is with the 40/40/40 thing and the 120%. Well, it's a long story, but let's just say I'm not that swift with numbers (and, for the record, there's a fairly large amount of information floating through my brain at a Passion event!), but at the end of the day the students in Dallas gave the clothes off their backs to help the students of Union University, many of whom lost theirs in a tornado that completely devastated almost every residence on the campus two weeks ago. I said quite boldly that 40% had lost everything, 40% would get some things back and 40% would recover almost everything. Only the next day did I realize what I had said and everyone had a nice LOL moment at my expense...including me. So we just decided to embrace the 120% idea and left the place thinking we wanted to be 120% committed to Jesus. Why not, right?

The feedback from those of you who were in Dallas has been amazing. What we prayed for happened right in front of our eyes as God breathed the hours we shared to life and changed us in a way that will change history. The worship was powerful as songs and actions merged to make God happy. DSN (Do Something Now) was incredible. Are you ready for this? The students brought 3700 towels and 17800 pairs of socks for shelters throughout the Metroplex. They gave $18,992 to build over 6 wells for African villages, and $80,040 to help make a Passion event in Seoul possible in October! WOW! And do you want to hear something really cool? Someone who was there Saturday night offered to double the number of wells AND the Seoul offering before knowing the totals. We haven't seen the check yet, but when it comes that will mean 12 wells and $160,080 for Seoul!

In the pics above you can see the potential of 6000 people to change a campus and the world. But at the end of the day it's not about a huge crowd, but a huge Holy Spirit of God who makes the weak strong, the afraid brave, the broken whole, the dead alive and the impossible possible. That's the hope of Passion Dallas and the hope of every nation! We love you guys and feel so honored to have the privilege of serving you through Passion. And we're SO glad we came to the Big D and know you are with us on this beautiful adventure.

120% believing that Greater Things Have Yet To Come,

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Big D, Big Love, Huge Hope

We've come to the end of the night, but Passion Dallas is just beginning as 6000 people leave believing that God will use them to change the world. There will be more to say later, but for now just know that these have been amazing hours with an unfathomable God. The Do Something Now Campaign took on a very cool turn as the students responded to the need at Union University and gave their clothes for those who have none as a result of the tornado. What an awesome sight seeing a 26' truck filled with the kindness of one group of students for another.

More to come!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Prayers For NIU, Awakening For The Campuses Of The Nation

Once again, a senseless event has rocked one of our nation's campuses, this time Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, IL. NIU is not too far from where Passion Chicago was held in October, and this message has come from an NIU senior who was at that event:

Louie, Please pray for NIU! There has been a shooting that has killed 6 (including the gunman) and 18 others injured! Pray for the families of the victims and all the students! This is so heartbreaking... it doesn't even feel real! I don't know why this awefull stuff happens, but I remember from Passion... in times like these, we need to cling to the cross! and that is what I am doing... feeling helpless, I found instant comfort as I fell to my knees and prayed to our Lord... I pray that I may be a light for those who do not know Jesus Christ as their savior and in all of this bring glory to God! I full heartedly believe in prayer and ask that you bring this prayer request to Dallas! Other college students praying for their peers... amazing! Thank you so much! God bless you and the amazing work you do! E.

Our hearts are breaking, too, and I assured her 6000 of us in Dallas will be praying along with a massive army of people around the world who are covering her campus in their thoughts and prayers. As with NIU, it seems like tragedy is hitting campuses all across the nation. Closer to home, this week the third of three Kappa Delta girls from Georgia Southern University has died as a result of a car accident last weekend. Funerals of precious students in the prime of life dot the landscape.

As we open the Dallas event tonight our hearts are heavy and filled with urgency and compassion. We need a spiritual awakening on the campuses of this nation. Life and death hang in the balance. To that end, we press on in hope. Now is the time to live for what matters most.

"For not one of us lives for himself, and not one dies for himself; for if we live, we live for the Lord, or if we die, we die for the Lord; therefore whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s. For to this end Christ died and lived again, that He might be Lord both of the dead and of the living." Romans 14:7-9


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dallas, Here We Come

In just under twenty four hours, 6000 eager people will flood into the Nokia Theater in Arlington, TX, for Passion Dallas. A packed house, for sure, but we're after more than a crowd. Passion Dallas has the potential to totally rearrange a life, reshape a campus and possibly change the course of nations. We're coming expectant because we're coming to meet a God who has unlimited power and resources.

If you're headed our way, two words before you hit the door. You know them, right? The two words you've come to love--towels and socks. It's not enough for us to come and soak for 27 hours, we are going to give and show the world that we are following a God who see all men as equals and who cares about the "least of these" wherever they are.

First up, an expression of His love for the homeless shelters of the DFW Metroplex and those who need their help. So make sure a towel and some socks are in the car with you before you head to Dallas. As well, we'll be Doing Something Now to bring fresh water to African villages and giving to bring a gathering like Passion Dallas to the university students of Seoul. So, come ready to have your life changed forever. And come ready to give back to the One who has given everything for us. Last thing, we're going to have a really cool chance to help the students at Union University who lost most of their belongings in last week's tornado.

It appears weather could become an issue for people coming from the north. Get an early start and travel safe. We'll be waiting for you.

If you're not coming to Dallas, you know we need your prayers and hope you'll remember us over the next few days. The Passion House was mostly empty today and our team is making the trek to Texas. Your prayers mean so much to us all and make a massive difference in what we do.

I'll be in touch throughout the weekend. It's going to be amazing! Louie

Friday, February 08, 2008

In The Midst Of The Storm

We know there has been great loss in the storms from this past Tuesday, and our hearts go out to those who have suffered much. In the midst of the rubble that was once a dorm at Union University, this came today:


I was in the tornado that hit Union University on Tuesday. I lost everything except some things that they may be able to recover from my room later. I lost my valuables, phone, IDs, Bible and my car which was totaled and all of my clothes and things for now. A friend brought by a package earlier today (I am absolutely amazed at all of the people everywhere who want to help. There are so many needs of all kinds and each of them are being met gradually.) In the package along with socks, pj's, etc. was the new Passion: God of this City CD. What a blessing in this time. Thank you!


Still praying for all. LG

Monday, February 04, 2008

First Monday Prayer Guide - February

Updated 2/6
Our friends at Union, located in Jackson, TN, suffered massive damage on campus Tuesday night as a result of fierce storms, but amazingly, no lives were lost. This was not the case in other towns and cities throughout the south. Please keep all those impacted in your thoughts and prayers and seek ways to assist them as they rebuild. The following update from the school's President is on the school's website:

A message from President Dockery
Dear Parents and Friends of Union University

At 7 p.m. on Tuesday evening, the Union University campus was devastated by serious tornadic activity, resulting in extensive damage to the facilities. Following a nearly five-hour emergency effort, all students -- including the 13 who were trapped in the fallen rubble -- were rescued. Fifty-one students were taken to the hospital, nine of whom suffered serious injury. By God’s providence, no lives were lost.

Seventeen buildings received some kind of damage. Approximately 40 percent of the dorms were destroyed, and another 40 percent were severely damaged. Additional damage has been observed in other academic and administrative buildings. The damage from this storm exceeds the impact of the 2002 tornado by 15-fold.

Classes will not begin again before Feb. 18. We encourage all Union friends to stay in touch with us through the Union Web site at http://www.uu.edu.

Original First Monday Post

The LORD is the portion of my inheritance and my cup;

You support my lot.

The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places;
Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me.
I will bless the LORD who has counseled me;
Indeed, my mind instructs me in the night.
I have set the LORD continually before me;
Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.
Therefore my heart is glad and my glory rejoices;
My flesh also will dwell securely.
For You will not abandon my soul to Sheol;
Nor will You allow Your Holy One to undergo decay.
You will make known to me the path of life;
In Your presence is fullness of joy;
In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.
Psalm 16:5-11

For those of you just finding the 268Blog, we are on a journey to inspire and awaken the university-aged generation to live for what matters most, making their lives count for the glory that lasts forever. The Passion Movement is (and has been) a pretty amazing God-story. Yet, taking life, purpose and a new way of looking at everything to the 150 million university students of the world is not without massive challenges and costs. So at the beginning of every month we collectively pause right here to look up and affirm that all of our hope is in the One who leads us. Since day one, this truth has guided us with confidence: Faithful is He who calls you, He also will bring it to pass. (1 Thes 5:24).

Thank you for believing with us. We are not a huge organization and do all we do with a really small team. From all of us at Passion/sixstepsrecords, thank you so much. We are buoyed by your prayers and His hand.

16 (2+6+8) Prayer Points For February

1. Thank you for praying for our Passion/Staff Team, especially Daniele V. and her family back in Sao Paulo. (And thank you for all the e-mails of support for her family.)

2. Please continue to pray for those of us in the Passion House. Pray for a covering from above in the midst of storms, for unity and for protection from distractions.

3. Thank you for praying for physical strength during the LA Regional, especially for me. God answered so powerfully!

4. Thank you for praying for Passion LA. Wow! Continue to pray for the 3400 students and leaders who are still processing this incredibly powerful gathering.

5. We are two weeks away from Passion Dallas. Over 5000 students have already staked their place and are heading toward this event. We are asking God for more than just another conference, but an encounter with Him that will shake and shape a generation.

6. Pray for those leading in the weekend in Dallas (Louie, Francis, DC*B, Kristian, Chris) that they will have fresh words and clarity as they prepare and lead. In DC: Louie, Francis, Charlie, Chris, Matt.

7. Ask God to prepare the way for this gathering (physically and spiritually), that His Kingdom would come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Click on the Passion Dallas list below (schools students are attending from) and choose one or two to pray for the students coming from these places leading up to and during this event.

8. Soon we will be in DC, in the midst of so many university campuses and the nation's Capitol. Pray for Passion DC, that these days will be catalytic for the District, Northern Virginia and the eastern seaboard.

9. Over 260 colleges and universities are represented by those coming to Passion DC. Choose a school from the Passion DC list (there may just be one student coming from this campus) and pray for them everyday.

10. We want to see more people connect in DC. Pray the news will spread like crazy in the next 20 days.

11. Thank you for praying for the January 19 World Tour meeting. We dodged a rare Atlanta snow storm and had a great and productive meeting. Please keep praying for our World Tour City Team Leads and their families.

12. We asked for clarity on Dubai and God answered. Sadly, the clarity was a "no" for now, but please pray for the university students in this city and those seeking to share Jesus with them.

13. We asked for venue clarity in Sydney and that is happening.

14. Pray for Passion Manila, as we are getting a late start here and need traction quickly.

15. Pray for Passion Vancouver. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and possibly one of the most spiritual. Yet, followers of Christ are few. Campuses have a huge need for Jesus.

16. Please pray for the Tuesday (February 5) release of our new CD, Passion: God Of This City. We are asking God to take the songs (and the movement they represent) to the ends of the earth, breathing hope and proclaiming His Kingdom in the hearts of people in every nation.

For yours is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory. Forever.

List of Dallas Schools
List of DC Schools
Printable version of First Monday