Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Passion Ripples

That continues to be the heart of Passion 07...and the ripples are making their way far and wide. This e-mail came over the weekend and we asked permission to share it here. It's what Passion is all about.

Hi, I feel kinda weird writing this email. And i doubt if it ever gets to Mr Louie Giglio. I am a Senior at University of Florida. I got a new roommate this semester and she is a Christian and I have never really been into the whole Christian thing because every pastor or speaker that I have ever listened to didn't speak in a language I could understand. I have believed in God and Jesus, but never really understood it because the preachers at the church that I have always been forced to go to every Sunday of my life. They speak all high and mighty and I never really felt connected, and I felt like God was only for the perfect people. Well my roommate went to this Passion Conference over winter break. And she came back and moved into my apt and she was real and genuine about all her Christian stuff, like I have never seen before in a person. She said that God changed her at this conference, so i was like what are you talking about. And she told me. She told me about how God was cool, and how God really wanted a deeper relationship with her, and she wanted to really love God the way he loved her, so of course I was like well huh? She then said you need to listen to Louie talk about God, so I asked who Louie was, and she put on the Indescribable talk, and then we watched tha Passport talk. And in the Passport talk you said that christians do not have to hope for the best at the end, that they do not have to do enough good stuff. You explained how to get to heaven in a simple way, in a way that I have never heard before. I actually got it, I got it that it is not about being so good, cause I am not a good person. I have screwed up a lot. But then you said grace, and talked about how is was different than other religions. Because God is a loving and a kind God who wants to forgive me. My roommate then explained that he wants to forgive me.
Now for one of the reasons I am thanking you. One, I am now a Christian. And two, my roommate said that she had never really cared about telling others about how much God loved her before she went to this conference. So though I am not sure who will ever read this. Please tell Louie thanks from me, for talking about Christ in a way that a college kid can understand. I know that Jesus has changed my life and as I get ready to graduate college in May, I am gonna be a different person. I am sorry this is kinda rambling but I just had to tell you that I now know about the Grace of God, and I have life for the first time in my 22 years


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hello, San Jose

Well, we are in California again today after arriving in Corona yesterday. Though the weather is a bit iffy, it's still the land of happiness! Our Tour kicked off Thursday with two nights in Phoenix, then Corona last night and today we're sitting on the campus of San Jose State University (rock on Spartans) and getting ready for night four.

It's a little surreal being back on the road with Chris and Matt, leading a seamless night of worship that we hope is as meaningful for those who come as it is for us. The theme is How Great Is Our God and, once again, we are lifting our eyes to the Star-breather who knows our names and is holding onto us no matter what.

That truth never meant more than two nights ago in Phoenix when I got to meet Jason's parents for the first time. Jason was a beautiful young man struggling with an addiction which had led to violence and many troubles. Having just come back in town with nowhere to stay (his addiction had made it impossible for family to allow him to stay with them) when his cousin agreed to keep him for the night if he would come to the Indescribale tour. The cousin asked if I would talk to him that night and we spent about 30 minutes backstage together talking about the things that mattered most..a perfect Father in heaven who loved Him no matter what and Jesus Christ who had given His life to make right everything he (and I) had made wrong in our lives. As we talked and prayed I knew that Jason believe in what Jesus had done for him.

Later that night, Jason was in an altercation and was shot and killed. The next day the news reached us and went through me (and all of us on the tour) like a knife in the heart.

Friday night Jason's mom and dad came to the tour (they are related to the promoter) and I was able to hug their necks and remember with them the last night of their son's life on earth. Though everyone surrounding Jason's life has more questions than answers, and more than a few regrets and what ifs, I was able to remind them of the miracle that happened that night...that an addict from the street in trouble with the law and everyone else in town was in the house of God worshipping in the final hours of his life. One of his last images on earth was a massive picture of the outstretched arms of Jesus purchasing his freedom and redemption.

I will never forget Jason, nor his family, and am praying that they will know in these days mercy, and the mighty hand of the Creator of the Universe holding onto them.

Later than night when I crawled into my bunk for the ride to California there were a few notes for me that had been handed to the crew and put there after Thursday night's tour stop (we weren't sleeping on the bus yet). Before I went to sleep I opened them all. The second was a little card that reads:
Louie Giglio:
Thank you for your commitment to the young people of this generation. I believe in your vision for the Passion Conference and one day bringing it to the rest of the world. May God continue to expand your vision and bring it to pass.
In Christ,

In the little card was a check for the Passion World Tour for $7,000! I don't know the person it's from, or how they know about the World effort, but a gust of wind went in our sails that night, reminding us that God is going before us as we carry Passion to the nations.

The last little envelope had no note, just $50 cash, which I assume is for the World Tour, as well. Thank you both so very much! What a potent night in Phoenix with a little God-twist on the end for all of us on the Passion wave.

Not to leave California out...Corona rocked like crazy!
More to come,

Monday, January 22, 2007

Passion 07 Bundle #1 To iTunes

TOMORROW! That's when the first bundle of music and messages from Passion 07 lands at iTunes. Bundle #1, set to arrive January 23, contains the amazing talk by Francis Chan and music from Charlie Hall [You Are God] and Chris Tomlin [Friend Of God w/ Israel Houghton]. The price is low, so grab the whole bundle (album) and enjoy! More info on Bundles 2 and 3 is available at Latest on the Passion site... and we'll keep you posted here as well!

PS- If you don't have iTunes (we say this all the time) now is the time to make the leap. iTunes is free and works with Macs and PCs. If you're outside the US and Passion stuff is not available in your iTunes store, know that bugs us as much as you. But we can only do so much about it. We know you're out there and will keep pushing on our end.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Passion Walk-In Music

In case anyone is still searching, the Passion 07 walk-in music.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Passion 07 Podcast Returns!

The Passion 07 Podcast is back for a limited time. Featuring all the post-Passion 07 news, interviews and more, the Podcast will be up and running for a few more weeks. The latest episode is now available. Subscribe by clicking here. If you have already subscribed to the passion 07 Podcast you don't need to do anything. New episodes will automatically appear in your Podcast folder as new episodes become available.

By the way, iTunes is free and works with Macs and PCs. Download the software here and get direct access to the Podcast and upcoming Passion 07 Music/message bundles.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Do Something Now!

During the days of Passion 07 over 22,000 of us banded together to make a difference throughout the world in Jesus' name. The Do Something Now Campaign was more than charity, it was our worship as we offered to God what He really loves. The results so far have exceeded our expectations...and the story has just begun!

Touch Atlanta
We wanted to Touch Atlanta by providing towels and socks to 15 area organizations assisting those in need. 13,000 towels and 31,000 pairs of socks were provided.

Help Stop Human Trafficking
Speaking up against the trade of precious people in the sex industry, 3000 signatures were gathered with Stop The Traffik to be presented to the UN with others from around the world.

Bibles To Unreached People
We wanted to send 3000 Bibles into East Asia, committing to pray for each recipient for one year. 4000 Bibles were sent. 4000 people are being prayed for!

Clean Water For Africa
We sought to sponsor the drilling of 11 wells (at a cost of 3K each) to bring clean water to African villages for life. 52 wells were sponsored + additional funds were collected for at least one more expensive well in Sudan.

Life-saving Surgeries For Kids
We hoped to sponsor 50 surgeries for children in Central/South America at a cost of $1,000 each. A donor agreed to match whatever was given at Passion 07. 124 surgeries were sponsored, bringing the total (with the matching grant) to 248 surgeries.

College For Promising Africans
20 young people were sponsored to attend college in Africa through Compassion's Leadership Development Program. Additional Compassion children were sponsored.

A Community/Student Center on a Campus In Iraq
We sought to raise money for the Freedom Center in Kurdistan of Iraq.
Over 2400 bricks were purchases for $10. (Our goal was 500!)
17 groups have committed to raise $5,000. (Our goal was 10! An additional 20K was given at Passion 07). The numbers are still growing.
200 people have committed to pray about spending a year in Iraq teaching English at The Freedom Center.
1200 committed to pray for the Kurds for one year.

The Bible For The Dela People of Indonesia
Through us, God funded the translation of the New Testament for the Dela people of Indonesia. In addition, so many gifts/pledges were made we have funded additional translations for the Rikou and Lola people of Indonesia. But there's more... we have funded the completion of three additional translations that were in mid-stream for people groups in Indonesia. We set our sights on one translation and have now completed six. Calls and requests are pouring into Oneverse with people/groups requesting additional translations to sponsor. Over $450,000 was given/pledged for translations of the New Testament!

On top of these amazing ventures, the offering for Passion's World Tour (we are trusting God for close to 4 million) taken on the last morning was $256,000... and it's still growing. Humbling. Thank you for letting us know you are with us.

God is amazing!! And in Him we can change the world together. Let's don't stop here!
If you still want to get involved, information on our Do Something Now partner organizations under Latest on the Passion Website.

PS-Who said college students were poor?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Passion 07 Main Sessions Return!

For a limited time (THROUGH FRIDAY) the Passion 07 main session are up and streaming at Passion's site, 268Generation.com. Enjoy!

PS-Keep the comments coming on how God is still at work now that you are home/at school. It's a beautiful thing listening to reports of what God is doing!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Post-Passion Dilemma

For a lot of you new people we forgot to mention the post-Passion dilemma you soon discover when asked the question, So, how was it?" And your mouth opens but your brain freezes, and you try to figure out where to start but you can't, and you're not sure you ever will, and you're sure whatever you say is not going to convey a fraction of what's in your heart.

So, you say, "Hummm, well, it was ummm, oh my, ummm, uh... GOD! Yep, God!" And your face is saying I'm not the same person I was last time you saw me, and
they see that, and know something went down, and look at you with that puzzled look. And you say, "I'll tell you about it, but it's going to take a while."

Sorry we forgot to mention that ahead of time, but thank God He was there. And when He's there, simple words often are not enough.

The Passion Team is resting!! Next week we will fire things back up and get more info to you. For now, the quick stuff:
An iTunes bundle (will also be available at other digital providers) with two songs and a talk is on the way in a few weeks. More soon.
The sessions are still on for a short time...extra time.
Videos of talks will be available after Passion, but not whole sessions.
The walk in music will be made available.
We will give a revised Do Something Now update today (if possible) and a full revision in a few days.
The offering was...(post-Passion dilemma just kicked in)...God. We'll have a total ASAP as some is still coming in.

For now, keep telling your stories and sharing how God is working in your life. It's a beautiful thing.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Time doesn't permit massive posts...but we feel your prayers and know you guys are with us.
Images are on the Passion 07 main page. The sessions will keep on coming!


Was a great first day at Passion 07. The change over of thousands leaving downtown and all of us moving in was a bit crazy, but we made it and tonight was the story of amazing rescue!

Just a quick update to let you know the stream won't be up for a bit...maybe 5 AM-ish. So sleep tight and hopefully it will await you when you get up! Each session will be online for 24 hours, so you can watch.

More later!

Monday, January 01, 2007


The sun is out, the sky brilliant blue, as students are pouring into ATL from all over the world. Passion 07 is here! It's on.

It was a crazy night of merriment as hundreds of thousands filled downtown for New Year's Eve last night. There was much partying by all in the hotels, so not a lot of sleep for those of us who have a massive week ahead. But, by the looks of it, I still think I feel better than most of the late night partiers I saw COMING IN as I left the hotel at 7 AM.

Towels and socks are already appearing as the 1000+ volunteers checked in this morning. Beautiful! Apparently Phillips has a nice lingering odor after WP the last two nights. Pray for the cleaning crew and the air ducts!

Honestly, I'm ready for things to start right now. So much anticipation. Let's get it rolling and see what's going to happen.

For you guys who couldn't get here, the first session will hopefully stream at 268Generation.com around 1 AM EST.
Enjoy. And pray!