Sunday, May 28, 2006


Thursday, May 25, 2006


Someone supposedly once said "cleanliness is next to godliness." If this holds true, your Passion/sixsteps family is feeling pretty godly tonight after an all day cleaning marathon at the Passion House. Yeah, we do our own cleaning around here. Pretty glamorous, huh? Today it was upstairs vs. downstairs as we drug everything into the halls (most people have a room to themselves, given that we are in an old house), uncovering all the "gunk" noboby wants to see.

But have no fear, everything is now squeaky-clean from the baseboards to the ceilings--and everything in between.

We have an amazing team (don't underestimate our small size!) and a really spiffy, fresh-smelling house to work in as we begin the long sprint to Passion 07. This pic came at the end of the day's efforts, and I didn't tell everyone we'd be posing for the Blog, so forgive our appearance.

We're off for a Memorial Day break. Hope yours is filled with friends, family and laughter.

Monday, May 22, 2006

These Halls

Inside London's Famed Abbey Road Studio

Facedown - Meet Pink Floyd

Tracking Last Week In Studio 2

Another Month's Graffiti Covered

Soon To Go

Les Moir (Head of Matt's UK Survivor Records), Matt and Me

The halls at London's famed Abbey Road Studio have seen much in their day, not the least of which is the recordings of the Beatles, the original Fab Four. So, in earthly terms it's a big deal to record in the same rooms as music legends, not to mention the fact that the folks at Abbey Road chose to put Matt's CD in the main hallway...an image of humble worship in the hallowed halls of one of recordings great cathedrals. Very cool.

Someone will surely add that knowing Jesus is no comparison with the Beatles, an obvious reality not lost on any of us who were there last week. Yet, there is something special about being among music's giants. And seeing the Kingdom come in these hallways is a beautiful thing.

In a few months you'll hear Matt's new project (recorded both at Berry House south of London and at Abbey Road) and you'll get a taste of the voluminous sound of Studio 2, a massive tracking room with a combination live/studio sound. It was great seeing the new songs unfold and come to life and interesting to see the favor that God has given Matt with the folks at Abbey Road.

Keep praying for Matt's production team as we finish this record in the next few weeks and watch for new releases -- Crowder's B Collision, Passion's Everything Glorious DVD and Tomlin's newest -- in coming months.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Brilliantly London

So sorry for the long delay, but things have been speeding along at a brisk pace in Passion/sixsteps world the past two weeks and I've needed to give the Blog a brief rest. What's up.... well, Crowder has recently wrapped up a little something, CT has just finished a new project due out this September, we have finished the Everything Glorious DVD and sent if off for manufacturing (due out late June) and I have been here in London for the past week where Matt has been tracking a new CD to be released after Christmas.

For now, this pic will tell the story. Once I return I will update with more pics from here. For a little clue, think fab-four!

Talk soon,


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pequenos Passos Alcançando o Mundo

Passion vem se conectando com o coração de estudantes universitários e jovens ao redor do globo e não somente nos Estados Unidos. Se você esta lendo isso em português, OLA!! Nos estamos tão empolgados por você ter nos achado e ficamos felizes em saber que você também e apaixonado por Jesus. Num esforço para conecta-lo ao Movimento Passion de forma mais fácil, nos acabamos de lançar a versão em português da seção Declaração 268 de nosso website. Juntamente com a versão em espanhol, esta versão em português atende aos muitos pedidos que recebemos de nossos amigos amados no Brasil.

Deus tem trabalhado aqui, construindo Sua igreja e espalhando a fama de Jesus Cristo entre os povos. Apesar do Movimento Passion estar centrado nos Estados Unidos, nos queremos que você saiba que nosso coração esta conectado as nações. Continue buscando Sua face e vivendo uma vida repleta, para a gloria dEle.

Seus amigos do Passion


No, the 268Blog has not been high jacked. It’s us (well, more specifically, the Brazilian on our team) taking a small step to reach out to the students of the world. In an effort to connect with students and young adults in Brazil and the Spanish speaking world, the 268 Generation section of our website has been translated into Portuguese (thus the Portuguese message above) and Spanish, allowing new Passion friends to read and sign the 268 Declaration in their native languages.

While our base is squarely in the US, our hearts are for the nations, so Passion will continue to explore ways to call the collegiate generation around the globe to lives that are leveraged for the fame of Jesus Christ.

Thinking globally,